Omo in Dark Terms with Girl Friend

A popular awarded gospel singer, Otunbe Salami, who, on the stage, is well known as Omo has been evesdropped making a phone call with his girl friend, Ola Olumese, the daughter of a renown politician.

After a stage performance in Hall A, Ajara Complex, the talented Omo was heard outside making a phone call telling Olumese, “When I called you, you said you can’t come because you are sick. But I saw you coming with a bag from somewhere. I can’t manage this. I can’t be a fool.”

However in his Harari residence while being interviewed yesterday, Otumbe told the news agents that nothing entered between him and his girlfriend Olumese, but some media groups were making money through offering false stories to the public.

“How do they know I was speaking to Olumese?” continued the MTV awarded Artist, “Why are they bothering themselves about me. I own my life so everybody should know.”


Quit Stress or Depression

Last Edited 9/4/2015

There are many compadious publications on how to crash stress or depressions, but setting rules and making self-approbation is the best.

Major causes of stress or depressions are not only when you go insolvent, fail exams, lose your job or your beloved one(s), or have heavy tasks to cover: sickness can make you feel that, and even dizzy.

When malaria attacked me, I had bad dreams and become too stressful. Someone told me he feels depressed as if he committed grievous offence to humanity.

But malaria fiver doesn’t cause stress than HIV/Aids. Some people with HIV/Aids don’t only feel depressed, but insane. Some even committed suicide.

To quit stress or depression, this technique works for me:

*.have good friend
*.discuss about success
*.go out and watch the scenario
*.make phone calls to friends and tell them something good
*.be optimistic
*.take hot bath and wear good cloths
*.talk to your pet
*.take your pet out, e.t.c.