How I Make Money Through Finding Love

I can’t dispute I loved Kem because of her beauty, and that was the first mistake I made. I can sing it like a song:

After a month, I thought I got her.
After another month, I discovered I couldn’t rule her.
After three months, I knew why.
Kem was outing with a senior banker.

The day I heard the rumour I begged my friends who were close by to watch her moves. And they reported she was dying for a banker. Although he didn’t love her, he ordered her to meet him at home everyday by or after 9 p.m. Then he slept with her for more than five times.

Kem never allowed me to sleep with her even once.

‘Is he handsome?’ I asked.

“He’s not probably handsome than you are”, my friends told me. “He has money.”

After seven months I heard she was pregnant by him. Latter she died during illegal abotion.

** * ** **

As an unemployed University graduate, my affair with Kem taught me a big lesson. I forgot about women and started looking for money through selling fuel illegally (blackmarket). However I couldn’t continue making money through injustice. So I began selling books. Although, by then, most Africans didn’t value reading, I still made it through students.

After a few years, through good friends I got access to Nigeria Immigration Service as a Senior Officer. And, after some years, with good money as well as with good business experience, I established a mini hotel and restaurant in town.

Now, because I had money, many women beautiful than Kem were dying for me.