How I Make Money Through Finding Love Infact, I can’t dispute I loved Kem because of her beauty, that was the first mistake I made, because my feelings controlled me. I can sing it like a song. After a month, I thought I got her. After another month, I discovered I couldn’t rule her. After three months, I knew why. Kem was outing with a senior banker. I begged my friends who where close by to peacefully monitor Kem’s moves. My friends reported that Kem was dieing for a banker, although he didn’t even love her as I did, that he gave her time: to be meeting him around 6 p.m at home, and she bowed, although she knew he had many babes, and that he had slept with her for more than five times. Sincerely, Kem never allowed me to sleep with her even once. ‘Is he handsome?’ I asked. ‘He’s not probably handsome than you are’, they replied. ‘But he has money.’ With anxiety, I was convinced that Kem loved him because of his economy power. After seven months, I heard she was pregnant by him. She latter died during illegal abotion. ** * ** * ** * ** As an unemployed University graduate, my affair with Kem had thought me a big lesson. I forgot about women and started looking for money. I began by selling fuel illegally (blackmarket), and discovered, however, I couldn’t continue making money through injustice. I opened a bookshop. By then, most Africans didn’t value reading, but I still made it through students. Then I was recruited in to Nigeria Immigration Service (N.I.S) as a Senior Officer. As an Immigration Officer, I got money to establish a mini hotel and restaurant. -Maren John Mafuyai Today, many beautiful women than Kem are dieng for me.